CertLink In-Training FAQs

ABNM CertLink In-Training FAQs

What is CertLink In-Training?

It is a new, web-based longitudinal education and assessment pilot program that will deliver nuclear medicine questions with immediate feedback provided after answers are submitted.

How does it work?

Beginning in January each year, trainees who decide to participate will receive, each quarter, 9 new questions and up to 4 additional questions that are identical or very similar to questions you previously answered. The questions cover the 10 major exam categories (Basic Science, Therapy, Cardiovascular, Endocrine, Gastrointestinal, Genitourinary, Musculoskeletal, Neurology, Oncology, and Pulmonary). All questions will be multiple-choice, and many will have images.

You will receive an email with a link to the questions at the beginning of each quarter, and you must answer all questions by the end of the quarter. You may answer one question at a time, all of the questions at one time, or any combination in between.

Once you open a question you will typically have 5 minutes to submit your answer. You must answer the question within the allotted time. An unanswered question is scored as an incorrect response. You can use the Internet and other educational resources to answer questions, but you may not consult other people.

Immediately after answering each question, you will receive a critique that indicates the correct answer, and includes a key learning point, a brief review of the topic, an explanation why the options were correct or incorrect, and one or more references.

You can use any device connected to the Internet to view and answer the questions, but cellphones are not recommended because their size makes it difficult to view images and other data.

How can I assess my performance?

You will have your own dashboard on the CertLink In-Training website, which will allow you to compare your performance on each question to other trainees at the same level of training. The dashboard will also track how many questions you have answered within a given period.

What are the benefits for participating?

Although not designed specifically for trainees, CertLink In-Training may help you prepare for the certification examination by allowing you to identify areas where additional education may be needed.  It is also free while you are in training.

Beginning participation now will result in seamless transition to CertLink after you are certified.  Your continued participation in CertLink after you are certified may allow you to re-certify without taking the MOC examination.

How do I enroll?

Trainees enrolled to sit the In-Training Examination will be enrolled automatically.  There is no cost to enroll and participate while you are in training. Participation will be free through December 31 of the year when you complete training.

What is the difference between CertLink In-Training and the In-Training Examination (ITE)?

CertLink In-Training in a web-based longitudinal self-assessment program, which you can continue throughout your professional career.

The ITE is given one time during each year of training. It is an image-rich, multiple choice, booklet examination that models the certification examination. It gauges progress during training, and gives program directors the opportunity to evaluate their individual residents as well as their program. The ITE also helps residents identify areas where they may need additional education.

Where do I get additional information?

Visit the ABNM website, at www.abnm.org/index.php/certlinktm/. You may also call the ABNM office at 314.367.2225, or send your questions to abnm@abnm.org.