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Frequently Asked Questions

Contact the ABNM office at certlink@abnm.org or 314-367-2225 if you have any questions.

 Important Upcoming Dates


  • January 5 – CertLink 4th Quarter 2023 Ends
  • January 14-27 – US/Canada -In Training Examination Administered
  • January 17 – New CertLink Cycle Begins
  • April 1 – CE/MOC Examination Application Opens
  • April 2 – CertLink 2nd Quarter Begins
  • April 21-May 4 – International In-Training Examination Administered
  • July 2 – CertLink 3rd Quarter Begins
  • October 1 – CertLink 4th Quarter Begins
  • October 7-19 – CE/MOC Examination Administered


  • January 7 – CertLink 4th Quarter 2024 Ends
  • January 16 – New CertLink Cycle Begins
  • October 6-18 – CE/MOC Examination Administered

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Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine is the medical specialty that uses the tracer principle, most often with radiopharmaceuticals, to evaluate molecular, metabolic, physiologic and pathologic conditions of the body for the purposes of diagnosis, therapy and research.

Mission Statement

The American Board of Nuclear Medicine is the primary certifying organization for nuclear medicine in the United States. The Board serves the public through assurance of high quality patient care by establishing standards of training, initial certification, and continuing competence of physicians providing nuclear medicine diagnostic and therapeutic services.

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