In-Training Examination

The In-Training Examination (ITE) is taken each year by your training program. The program will enroll you for the ITE.


A summary of the certification process and the requirements for certification is provided on the Certification web page in the Initial Certification section.

Candidates with non-standard training or potential credentialing issues should undergo a credentialing process at the time they apply or are accepted into a Nuclear Medicine program. The process is explained on the Certification Exam Eligibility page.

The following forms are filled out by the Program Director.

The following forms are filled out by the applicant and sent to the Program Director for verification:

  • Confirmation of Post-Doctoral Residency Training
  • Confirmation of Post-Doctoral Radiology Residency Training

Certifying Exam Application

The application for the Certification Examination is on-line. In order to start an application, you must first create an account.