CertLink In-Training

The American Board of Nuclear Medicine (ABNM) is happy to invite you to participate in a new longitudinal assessment: CertLink® In-Training, developed for American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) Member Boards.   CertLink In-Training will deliver questions with detailed explanations and references directly to registered in-training residents.

Based on adult learning theory, CertLink questions and explanations provide repeated exposure to relevant information as a way to test and expand knowledge. The process helps individuals fill knowledge gaps and demonstrate proficiency.  The questions will be image rich and high quality with practice-relevant content.

The ABNM is offering residents and fellows an opportunity to participate in CertLink without charge each year they are in training.

CertLink is a valuable educational self-assessment tool that may help you prepare for the certification examination by identifying areas of strengths and weakness.  If you decide to participate, you will receive up to 13 multiple choice questions every 3 months (including 9 new questions, and up to 4 “repeat” questions to reinforce learning). Upon submitting an answer, you will immediately receive feedback on the correct answer with an explanation, key points and references for further reading.

Participation in CertLink is voluntary. CertLink does not replace the In-Training Examination (ITE) or the ABNM Initial Certification Examination. You must take the ITE in January 2024, even if you participate in CertLink In-Training.

Trainees who are enrolled to sit the 2024 In-Training Examination will be automatically enrolled into CertLink IT.