Purposes of the Board

The primary purpose of the Board, and therefore its most essential function, is the advancement of the health of the public through the establishment and maintenance of standards of training and education, and the qualification of physicians rendering nuclear medicine services to the people of the United States. The Board contributes to the improvement of health care in the United States and carries out this purpose by:

  1. establishing requirements of graduate training related to examinations given by the board;
  2. establishing requirements for maintenance of certification (MOC);
  3. assessing the credentials of candidates for examination;
  4. administering an examination for initial certification and maintenance of certification;
  5. granting and issuing certificates in nuclear medicine;
  6. maintaining a registry of holders of such certificates, and serving the medical and lay public by publishing the names of practitioners who have been certified by the Board on the ABMS website www.abms.org).