MOC Assessment Initiative

The ABNM is making significant changes to the MOC program to make it easier and more valuable for all diplomates. One of those changes is to pilot a program that could replace the MOC exam given every 10 years. The ABNM realizes that the closed-book, multiple-choice MOC exam that tests recall is out of step with how physicians access information in the digital age. Therefore, the ABNM hopes to phase out the MOC exam from 2017 to 2020 in favor of a longitudinal process that encourages learning and improvement. The ABNM will be launching a pilot program in 2017 called CertLink™, in partnership with several other ABMS member boards. CertLink™ will deliver questions to diplomates on a regular basis, and provide immediate feedback on answers. The process will have flexibility to accommodate diplomates preferences and practice based needs. Participation and learning will be the goals, rather than a “passing” score. The pilot will give diplomates an opportunity to evaluate and help determine a new process that will make assessment easier and more relevant for you.

The ABMS press provides additional background information about the innovative, web-based platform used by the ABMS member boards participating in CertLink™ that leverages mobile smart technology to explore new assessment and learning approaches. While the ABNM will be using a common platform, the MOC Assessment Initiative pilot will be developed based on the specific needs of the specialty.

The ABNM will share more information and pilot details as they become available. Meanwhile if you have any questions please feel free to contact the ABNM by emailing us at

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